School Asthma Policy

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This policy has been written with advice from Asthma UK and the Department for Children, Schools and Families in addition to advice from healthcare and education professionals.


This school recognises that asthma and recurrent wheezing are important conditions affecting increasing numbers of school age children. This school welcomes pupils with asthma.


This school encourages all children to achieve their full potential in all aspects of life by having a clear policy and procedures that are understood by school staff, parents / carers and by pupils.


All staff who have contact with these children are given the opportunity to receive training from respiratory specialist nurses. Updates for training are offered at regular intervals and this school will ensure attendance by staff. This will take place at least every two years and more often if there are pupils within the school who have significant asthma symptoms, there are significant staff changes or there are significant changes to the management of asthma in children.


Developing and implementing an asthma policy is strongly recommended for all schools.

Download the full policy as a PDF